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Mat Sabu, sex videos and the Umno elite

Mat Sabu, sex videos and the Umno eliteMat Sabu, the newly-elected Deputy President of PAS, is the latest victim of sex video tapes. Wow, it really doesn’t pay to be famous. Once you are famous, your life is bared for the world to see. Not only that, your body too. If you are well endowed, don't be too happy; it can also be turned into evidence against you.
Although, there is still a lack of information on the latest sex video, most people who hear about the sabotage against Mat Sabu will sympathize with him and also reminisce about his alleged Khalwat case that happened some years ago, from which he was fully discharged.
Perpetrators of the latest sex videos are having a field time, pushing these videos to anyone associated with Mat Sabu or Anwar. This group of people has been paid a tonne of cash to make these videos, edit and re-edit them and then replicate into thousands of copies and have them sent out as soon as possible. If the group is caught, they will always say that they are doing it in the interest of the nation. This is the problem in Malaysia. One can still escape the arms of the law, so long as one is connected to the right people.

Religion-wise, these sorry 'sobs' are doomed to the bottomless pit, but what do they care as long as they can make a bundle in the process. Morals-wise, they do not give a damn, if these videos fall into the hands of children, so long as they complete their assignment.
A political tool
It all began with Chua Soi Lek when he was caught on tape. Since then the video has been on Youtube for the world to see. Nowadays, Youtube technology is being used to further the slanderous stunts of these perverts.
In Malaysia, the sex video is now a full-fledged political weapon against anyone seen as a threat to the powers to be. And until the 13th general election, the sex videos will not stop. You can definitely expect more personalities to be identified as sex offenders very soon.
Everyone believes that Anwar was slandered. They suspect that Prime Minister Najib Razak was not satisfied with the unconvincing sodomy trial, which stinks like manure. This is why another sex video was concocted to drive the final nail into the coffin.
Unable to fight back the slander concocted by the massive machinery of the Mainstream Media, Anwar relies solely on the Almighty and his solid reputation to maintain sanity among his supporters. However, the culprits of this slanderous scam think it is winning the war against Anwar’s reputation, and has decided to reuse it again on Mat Sabu.
And today, Mat Sabu is a victim. If he is guilty, he will resign and another will take his place. The new deputy, if he is deemed a threat; he too will be a sex video victim. Of course, the government will deny it, and say that Anwar or Mat Sabu is trying to cause a sensation.
Now, the traders in Chinatown can peddle their porn VCDs in peace, so long as they add a few extra titles like Anwar Sex Video or Mat Sabu Sex Video, the authorities will close an eye. Finally, Malaysia has embraced a free society with loose morals.
Does anyone think that Chua Soi Lek was caught innocently on CCTV? Someone actually went through a lot of trouble to video him on purpose. Not to end his career but to ensure he makes a comeback. Yes, interpret that! It was elaborately planned to entice him into a promiscuous position. Since then Chua Soi Lek’s hands are tied. Once he tries to free himself, they will say; Hey, naughty, naughty Chua!! Back down, remember the sex video?
No imagination
What is the fascination about sex videos? Actually, for Muslims it does get pretty boring. Unlike other faiths, Malays may marry up to four. Then sex becomes mundane and more like work. It ceases to be pleasurable. You need to service your spouse or spouses, or get a sour face for days. Your clothes are not washed, your breakfast not prepared and neither is your morning coffee: all because you failed to service your spouse regularly enough.
The Obedient Wives Club is not a surprise, as sooner or later someone would come up with an idea like that. It is even sanctioned by the poco poco Mufti, although a few Malays out there are waiting for the Religious Authorities to clamp down on this outfit. So at the moment, until someone comes out with a Fatwa, it will be Sex is good, sex is healthy, sex ensures your husband won't try his luck with a fifth one.
But why use sex to defame and blackmail? Well, Malaysians are a little sex-starved, compared to other countries. Prostitutes are too expensive and Religion keeps us as virgins until death do us part. Everyone tries to be a sexual saint, and one night stands are hard to come by. But for the Muslims, sex is taboo and frowned upon, unlike corruption, murder or robbery. The elderly frown on it and illicit sex is totally un-Islamic. So while the non-Malays don’t give a damn, a segment of the Malays think otherwise.
But Malaysians are really getting tired of sex videos. We knew that after the Datuk T Sex Video and the purported Christian Invasion, which fizzled out, there would be a new Conspiracy to keep us entertained. But sex video again? Can’t these people come up with something more original?
It goes to show the 'wealth' of intellect our leaders possess. They actually think that Malaysians will swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker. They continue to keep a straight face, ignoring the fact that we Malaysians will one day kick them out for betraying our trust.
- Malaysia Chronicle

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