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Thank you..... but, no thanks!

Sudah hampir dua hari tak layari internet kerana kesibukan. Kelapangan hanya dapat dirasai pada petang ini. So, sementara ada peluang.... ambik kesempatan sebelum tugas dan kerja yang perlu disempurnakan memanggil dan mengamit semula.

Penat giler.... tapi apa nak kata, terpaksa ler... Udah tanggung jawab, suka tak suka.... kena buat juga. Tapi... aku rela.

Sepintas lalu... klik sana klik sini, masuk blog kengkawan untuk dapatkan perkembangan tentang hal ehwal semasa. Dan aku teruja apabila terbaca tajuk "Mat Sabu tolak lagi...." N3 dalam blog Penjual Ubat.

Mula-mula, aku ingat... Mat Sabu tolak untuk jadi calon PRK Hulu Selangor. Maklum ler sekarang demam PRK sudah bermula. Tetapi.... sangkaan aku meleset apabila aku baca full N3 nya.

Oh... rupanya dia tolak tawaran daripada kerajaan PR Pulau Pinang untuk memberi dia anugerah.... darjah kebesaran.... sempena Hari Jadi Yang DiPertua Negeri yang akan disambut tidak lama lagi.

Bravo Mat Sabu!!!

Orang yang ikhlas berjuang untuk rakyat, tidak memerlukan balasan sedemikian rupa. Orang yang suka bermegah-megah dan yang riak sahaja yang tergila-gilakan darjah dan anugerah. Alhamdulillah.... sifat ini tidak ada pada Mat Sabu. Unlike yang sorang lagi tu....

Aha.... yang merajuk dan buat keputusan untuk jadi katak. Asal orang Penang jugak tetapi kuat berlagak dan la ni.... melalak macam pompuan gila meroyan!! Pembohong besaq!! Pengkhianat rakyat!

Eleh.... yang dulu, buat muka tak malu.... melutut pada pemimpin 'Cina Komunis', mintak agar dia diberi anugerah DS tu....

Oh.... yang hat tu?? Kalau yang hat tu.... memang pun muka tak malu. Pada aku la... daripada Melayu yang tak tau malu serta tak dak prinsip dan maruah, aku lagi hormat pada Cina 'komunis' yang ada integriti dan harga diri. Melayu yang hat lagu tu.... seduit tak guna. Mampuih pi la!!

Tahniah dan syabas kepada Mat Sabu kerana berpegang teguh pada prinsipnya itu. Sebanyak mana anugerah pun... mati nanti, semua tinggal belaka. So.... tak yah ler. Thank you but no thanks....

InsyaAllah.... semoga pahala daripada keikhlasan perjuangan kita, yang akan kita bawa bersama-sama sebagai bekalan.

As Umno said, Melayu mudah lupa

Over the last few days, there have been a lot of news about the Altantuya murder. Maybe Malaysians have forgotten that Razak Baginda was acquitted of the charge of murder and that the basis of his acquittal was the Affidavit that he signed in support of his application for bail. The Affidavit was never admitted as evidence during the trial and yet, strangely, it was used as the basis to acquit Razak. Maybe we need to recap on that incident because, as Umno says, Melayu mudah lupa.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Razak Baginda saved by his affidavit
The acquittal of political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda in the high-profile murder case of his former Mongolian lover made big headlines in Malaysian newspapers yesterday, with many zooming in on how his affidavit had saved him.
The sleazy and sensational affair, and Abdul Razak's close ties to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, had kept the case in the public eye as the trial ran for two years.
His almost-forgotten affidavit filed two years ago was the highlight as it was pivotal to the High Court judge's decision to acquit him of abetting the murder.
The document was filed in court in an attempt by Abdul Razak, 48, to obtain bail before the trial started. He failed to get bail and there was criticism then by legal experts who considered it a wrong move to disclose his case so early in the trial.
But it turned out to be an astute move. High Court judge Mohamed Zaki Mohamed Yasin on Friday ruled that the tell-all affidavit had helped clear him of the charge of asking two policemen to kill Altantuya Shaariibuu.
"In the absence of the rebuttal evidence against them (statements in the affidavit), coupled with the fact that there is no legal onus for him to rebut any statutory presumption, there is clearly no reason for the statements to be ignored and rejected," the judge said.
The lengthy document detailed how Abdul Razak met Altantuya in 2004, and had an affair with her that lasted until 2005.
After they broke up, he alleged that the 28-year-old interpreter harassed him, and that he had sought the help of the police. But he denied telling them to kill her.
According to court evidence, Altantuya's remains were found in a jungle outside Kuala Lumpur, blown up with explosives after she was shot dead.
The judge found that 13 statements in the affidavit were not rebutted by evidence put forward by prosecutors. In a nutshell, they recounted how Abdul Razak had asked Musa Safri, a security aide of the deputy premier, for help because of Altantuya's harassment.
Musa reportedly said he would introduce him to a police officer. The co-accused Azilah Hadri, an officer from an elite unit that guards VVIPs, called Abdul Razak the next day.
Abdul Razak said he called Azilah on Oct 19, 2006, when Altantuya turned up at his house.
Altantuya was taken away by three police officers. Abdul Razak said he subsequently asked Musa what had happened to Altantuya but the aide said Azilah did not tell him.
The judge on Friday found these statements were corroborated by witnesses at the trial, and "clearly negated and nullified the act of abetment as alleged".
This detailed legal explanation was, however, described by veteran opposition politician Lim Kit Siang as a technical one, as he demanded further investigation.
The immediate public reaction on the Internet was, as expected, similar. Abdul Razak's close ties to DPM Najib were hauled out to hint at favoured treatment although there was no evidence of this.
Lim wrote in his blog that it was imperative for Najib to face an independent government inquiry on the allegations.
So far, Abdul Razak has not given his side of the story. After his acquittal, he went back to his house in upmarket Damansara Heights before going to the mosque for Friday prayers.
He wore broad smiles each time he came out of the house, but declined to speak to reporters. He also said he had been fasting for the 22 months since he was arrested.
His two co-accused, Azilah and Sirul Azhar Umar, who allegedly killed Altantuya, have been ordered to present their defence. The hearing will begin on Nov 10.
Here are excerpts of the affidavit filed by Abdul Razak Baginda:
EVEN though I had appointed (private eye) P. Balasubramaniam, the harassment by Altantuya against my family and me did not stop. Hence, I asked Deputy Superintendent Musa Safri (a security aide to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak) for help.
I also sought help to be introduced to a police officer from the Brickfields police station as my house was under their jurisdiction.
DSP Musa told me that he would introduce me to an officer who would help me.
On Oct 17, 2006, the deceased came to my house and wanted to meet me. I was not at home at that time, and my wife learnt of her visit.
On the night of Oct 17, I was at home and there was a commotion outside the house.
I called Balasubramaniam and Dhiren Norendra (a lawyer) to help me. A police patrol car arrived to settle the matter.
DSP Musa later called me and said a police officer would call me to help me sort out my problem with the deceased.
On the morning of Oct 18, 2006, Azilah Hadri (one of the co-accused) called me and introduced himself as the police officer who was referred by DSP Musa to help me.
I subsequently met with Azilah. I told him that the deceased had caused a commotion at my house, and asked him to conduct patrols around my house.
On Oct 19, 2006, Balasubramaniam called me and told me that there was a commotion outside my house. I was out with my family. So I called Azilah for help.
Balasubramaniam told me that three plainclothes police officers came to my house... to take the deceased away.
On Oct 20, I bumped into DSP Musa. I asked him what happened the night before and DSP Musa told me Azilah did not tell him anything. -- The Straits Times, 2 November 2008
Defence objects to Razak's bail affidavit
Two statements in Abdul Razak Baginda's bail affidavit is prejudicial and must be deleted if the document is admitted in court, the High Court heard today.
Defence counsel Datuk Hazman Ahmad submitted there was no direct evidence to prove the statements and they were mere allegations accusing his client, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, of a crime he was never charged with.
Hazman was submitting in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial where he objected to the prosecution's intention to admit Razak's bail affidavit.
On May 28, the prosecution tried to tender the affidavit through deputy High Court registrar Wan Mohd Norisham Wan Yakub, saying it was a sworn statement by Razak to show what transpired between him and Altantuya.
Hazman, however, objected to the admissibility of the document and is seeking to delete the two statements and Razak's cautioned statement which was attached to the affidavit (if the court decides to allow them).
The two statements were:
- Azilah boasted he had caused the death of six to 10 people and that he could settle Razak's problem. Razak then ticked Azilah off and told him that he did not want anything untoward happen to the deceased. Razak said he thought Azilah, as a police officer, understood what he meant and believed he would not do anything against the law.
- Azilah told Razak that he was at his (Razak's) house and told him 'Sir, you can sleep soundly tonight'. Razak then told Azilah at least three times not to harm the deceased.
The affidavit was filed on Jan 5, 2007, by Razak before another judge to ask for bail, but was rejected. -- eMedia, 10 June 2008
Mongolian’s murder: Razak reveals his relationship with Altantuya
In a desperate bid to secure bail, political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah today revealed in High Court his relationship with Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Saying that he first met Altantunya in Hongkong at the end of 2004, and in a relationship that lasted about eight months, Abdul Razak said he gave her US$10,000 three to four times, and more.
He said Altantuya told him that she was a student, and to earn a living she worked as a “part-timer” but Abdul Razak did not elaborate what it meant.
He said he also took pity on Altantuya because she said her mother had cancer.
Razak’s statement was contained in an affidavit tendered to the court by his counsel Wong Kian Kheong who read it out.
The affidavit was tendered by Wong in an attempt to obtain bail which High Court judge Datuk K.N.Segara had denied him earlier because there was no medical grounds to support his application for bail.
Wong told the court that there were no reasonable grounds to hold his client under detention as he has not been found guilty.
He then tendered the affidavit which details Abdul Razak’s movements, actions and relationship with Altantuya.
Abdul Razak said he got acquainted with the Mongolian woman in Hongkong at the end of 2004 and had met her in Shanghai in early 2005, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and France in middle of 2005.
The relationship continued for about seven to eight months until Abdul Razak ended it.
Razak said Altantuya identified herself as Aminah during their relationship.
Wong said Razak stopped giving money to Altantuya after she continued to demand for more and he could not tolerate it any longer.
During Wong’s argument, Abdul Razak was seen asking Wong’s assistant for a piece of paper to jot down something before passing it back for Wong’s attention.
In the affidavit, Abdul Razak also explained about the harassment he encountered from Altantuya when he decided to end his relationship with the woman.
He said the matter became serious when Altantuya continued with the harassments through SMSes and telephone calls and he decided to seek help when Altantuya threatened to harm his daughter.
Based on a lawyer’s advice, Abdul Razak hired a private detective, former policeman P. Balasubramaniam and an assistant.
The private investigators were supposed to provide security to him and his family members who were told about the affair with Altantuya.
Abdul Razak also sought the aid of a DSP Musa Safri who introduced him to C/Insp Azilah Hadri.
He said Musa had told him that Azilah would be able to help him and he met him (Azilah) personally once, while at other times the communication between both of them was through telephone.
Abdul Razak said in the affidavit that Azilah was responsible for the death of about six or more people and he would be able to help the political analyst.
At this point, lawyer representing Azilah, Zulkifli Noordin interjected by saying that the accusations against his client were unjust.
Segara ordered Zulkifli to sit and not to get excited as he was supposed to hold a watching brief and not take part in the proceedings.
As Wong continued with the affidavit, Segara interjected from time to time telling him to stick to the facts and not draw inferences from the events that unfolded as Abdul Razak attempted to “get rid” of Altantuya.
At one juncture, Wong skipped part of the affidavit on Abdul Razak meeting Musa at the Deputy Prime Minister's (DPM) office on official matters, during which he (Abdul Razak) enquired about Altantuya’s fate.
Segara became angry and said: “Why are you avoiding the part, there’s nothing to hide, the DPM would not be embarrassed if the matter is mentioned. This is the court. Everything has to be disclosed.”
Segara said the affidavit produced by Abdul Razak pointed to a conclusion that he had abetted with Azilah to “get rid” of Altantuya from his life, but the matter was to be deliberated when the trial begins.
He said Abdul Razak despite knowing that Azilah had killed several people, chose to continue seeking his aid.
Wong said Abdul Razak had specifically told Azilah not to cause any harm to Altantuya, but he did not want her to be sent to lock-up and later deported as the Mongolian would be angry with him and his relationship with her would come out in the open.
The court was also told that at one point, Azilah told Abdul Razak “Tonight sir, you can sleep peacefully”.
Wong also tried to substantiate his appeal for bail by saying that the previous two judges who heard Abdul Razak’s case had allowed him to be released on bail, but Segara cut him off by saying he will not comment on their decisions.
After Wong was done, DPP Salehuddin Saidin tried to stand up to speak but Segara quickly told him: “You don’t have to say anything.”
Wong declined to comment when asked if he would appeal against the decision.
Shedding tears, Abdul Razak hugged his wife, daughter, parents and siblings as he was led away by the police to prison.
Earlier, Segara said the court was unable to consider Abdul Razak’s application as he had not fulfilled the exceptional circumstance for him to be allowed bail.
“There is not a single evidence to show that he is incapacitated by illness. Is he telling the truth or is he malingering,” said Segara.
He said Abdul Razak had failed to produce a medical report in relation to his medical condition and therefore the court was put in a difficult situation as it was unable to weigh his application based on exceptional and special circumstances.
“Without the benefit of a medical report, I won’t even consider. It must be supported by documents. I have given enough time but the medical reports were not forthcoming at all.
“Affirment that he is suffering serious medical conditions and hypothesis that he requires constant medical attention is insufficient,” he added.
Segara also said he was rather amazed, based on details in the affidavit, that the medical conditions allegedly suffered by Abdul Razak was not detected by the Gleneages Medical Centre but was determined when he sought treatment in Kuala Lumpur Hospital after his remand.
Segara also said the offence Abdul Razak was charged with is serious and non-bailable.
However he said, Abdul Razak can at anytime approach the court if his medical condition, as claimed, became evident and the court would consider his application for bail at that time, based on evidence produced. -- The Sun, 19 January 2007
Judge: Enough grounds to prove Razak abetted in murder
This caused Justice Segara to interject: “You have got here a person who claims that he had killed before and he can settle your problem."
“And what is your problem? You were threatened by a woman and you want her out of sight. Period. Yet, you go on dealing with that police officer.”
Wong (referring to affidavit and reading): I (Razak) told Chief Insp Azilah not to do anything untoward against Altantuya. If any such thing were to happen to her, her family will look for me. I believe that as a police officer, he would not commit a crime. I only asked him to get police to patrol around my house. I gave him my address and Hotel Malaya where the deceased was staying.
Judge: Whatever for did he give the address of the hotel to this man who said he had killed before? The relationship had ended in 2005 and suddenly, she is back in the picture in 2006. You don’t call the authority but a crime was committed after that.
Wong: The accused took Chief Insp Azilah as a police officer who can help.
Judge: Is your client an ordinary layman for you to give me such an answer?
Wong: My client did admonish Chief Insp Azilah.
Judge: Why call Azilah and not the police directly?
Wong: To protect the family.
Judge: This is your version but there are a lot of gaps. This is one man who claimed he had killed yet you went to him.
Wong: But the accused had admonished him.
Judge: Who is he to admonish a police officer? He had no right. Is he the boss of this person? Is he the IGP? These are questions that you cannot run away from answering.
Wong: He wanted Azilah to help him in a legal manner.
Judge: Come on, you expect the court to believe this? He has such a big establishment. He can just walk into the Brickfields police station and see someone. Anyway, I have not formed any conclusion about your client’s guilt. I am only questioning based on what is stated in the affidavit.
“The whole thing is here. He called the person to get rid of her. No need to go any further in relation to abetment. The police officer is no longer helping him as a police. He is there in his personal capacity. This particular episode has flashed the entire abetment act.”
Justice Segara said that it was in this light that the court would look at the case.
“We will only know at the time of the trial when we hear all the other people’s versions. Then, we will know whether he had asked to kill or not. At the moment, he abetted in contacting Azilah, knowing very well that he had killed six people,” he said. -- The Star, 20 January 2007

Yang Berhormat

Wakil rakyat perlu bebas. Wakil rakyat perlu mewakili rakyat. Wakil rakyat perlu meletakkan kepentingan rakyat – mendesak perubahan untuk kesejahteraan rakyat. Adakah mereka hari ini mewakili rakyat atau mewakili parti mereka sahaja. Adakah mereka meneliti isu rakyat atau hadir sebagai agen mempertahankan parti dan mempromosi parti mereka. Adakah mereka membahaskan isu-isu kepentingan rakyat – menuruti cita-cita dan aspirasi rakyat Malaysia? Adakah mereka hadir bertanyakan kepada rakyat sebulan sekali atau menyediakan ruangan untuk rakyat berdialog dengan mereka khususnya untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi oleh rakyat?
Kita perlu menilai wakil-wakil yang kita lantik dan pilih – tidak mengira parti apa sekali pun. Kita mahukan mereka hadir sebagai agen perubahan – agen perundingan agar apa yang negara ini peroleh – dapat di terjemah kepada kesejahteraan rakyat. Kita mahu mereka menyentuh perubahan dan melaksanakan dari hanya hadir untuk memastikan mereka di pilih untuk seterusnya. Rakyat Malaysia dikatakan telah matang – telah dewasa – tetapi adakah kita benar-benar sedar bahawa peranan kita dalam membangunkan negara ini – memastikan negara kita ini makmur – memastikan keadilan – memastikan keharmonian – memastikan kemajuan dan pembangunan datang dari satu perbuatan – apabila kita memangkah untuk memilih siapa wakil kita. Hairan hari ini kita rakyat Malaysia seolah-olah memangkah siapa tuan kita – untuk kita lantik menjadi tuan – untuk kita lantik diri kita menjadi hamba.
Kita perlu sedar bahawa setakat ini kita masih terbelenggu dengan satu kondisi – memilih untuk melantik tuan dan akhirnya tuan-tuan ini kita panggil yang berhormat dan setelah itu kita terus diam menerima apa sahaja yang diberikan – atas nama bersyukur. Kita harus lebih prihatin dengan apa yang kita lakukan kerana mengundi dan memangkah siapa wakil kita bukan untuk memberi mereka lesen kejayaan tetapi adalah untuk mengupah mereka untuk mengambil tanggungjawab bagi memastikan hasrat dan kehidupan kita lebih terbela dan makmur.
Kita perlu sedar – bahawa individu yang kita lantik untuk memegang tanggungjawab itu bukan hadir sekadar merasmikan program – bukan untuk meminta peruntukan mengadakan kenduri – bukan untuk kita memohon tandatangan sokongan sahaja – bukan untuk hadir ke masjid dan keramaian hanya untuk bersalam-salam tetapi untuk kita desak agar sistem yang ada adalah untuk rakyat dan untuk kesejahteraan rakyat. Kita perlu sedar bahawa kita patut melantik mereka yang mampu – mahu membantu – sedar akan keperluan membela rakyat dan tidak membicarakan tentang pembangunan fizikal, kemajuan yang mahu di peroleh atas kesengsaraan biar seorang individu sekali pun.
Rakyat Malaysia harus disedarkan bahawa kita perlu memainkan peranan yang lebih berkesan – memilih dan tidak memilih – antara mereka yang hanya hadir untuk melunaskan kejayaan sendiri atau mereka yang benar-benar prihatin terhadap rakyat untuk dilantik menjadi wakil rakyat . Kita perlu menentukan selepas ini – memilih mereka atas dasar dan kapasiti mereka berkhidmat untuk rakyat. Kita tidak mahu lagi mereka yang hadir, tidak teruji dan tidak ada nilai simpati dan kasih terhadap rakyat yang di wakili. Kita tidak mahu mereka hanya pandai belajar – tinggi pengajian – rendah keprihatinan dan berjiwa kosong. Mereka harus buktikan mereka adalah pejuang rakyat – membela nasib rakyat kawasan yang diwakili sebelum dilantik.
Andai tidak – biar apa parti pun – biar siapa salasilah keturunan mereka pun – biar tinggi mana pengajian mereka pun – mereka tetap bodoh dalam mengertikan perjuangan untuk rakyat – membela nasib rakyat.
Mungkin kita perlu menjadi pemantau kepada setiap wakil yang di pilih. Kita lihat perubahan kawasan mereka – kita lihat pembelaan mereka terhadap kemiskinan – kita lihat setakat mana mereka berusaha untuk menjadikan kawasan itu kawasan yang aman sejahtera – kita lihat mengenai isu sosial di kawasan itu – kita kaji dan kita nilai sama ada wakil rakyat di tempat itu berfungsi atau sekadar tidur dengan gelaran Yang Berhormat. 

Taib: Parallel Sarawak, general elections possible

KUCHING, March 27 — Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud has not ruled out the possibility that Sarawak state polls may be held simultaneously with parliamentary elections in the future as it is in accordance with the law.
Although under normal circumstances state elections should not be called simply due to popular demand, the state Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman said it was up to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to calculate if such a move was necessary.
“I can accept that,” he said, “but I don’t make a sudden move; that’s one thing, it’s against my trait.”
Sarawak is the only state that holds state elections separately, with the current term of the state legislative assembly expiring by July next year.
Asked if he had heard of talks that the coming state poll might be held simultaneously with the general election, Taib said: “I have not come to the stage when we talk about the election yet. No, I am not joking to you.”
“I don’t know, someone (in the media) wrote that I was trying to recover lost ground,” said the chief minister alluding to the BN’s performance in the May 2006 state election when it lost nine of 71 seats.
He was speaking to reporters after chairing the Sarawak BN coordination committee meeting at the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) headquarters at Jalan Bako here.
He agreed that the popularity of Najib, who would be marking his first year in office on April 3, was high at the moment, clearly a positive prerequisite to call for an early general election should the need arises.
The last general election was held in March 2008.
“I cannot read what the prime minister has in his mind,” Taib added.
On the meeting, he said it was to discuss the coordination between members of parliament and assemblymen to ensure effective implementation of rural projects under the RM3.4 billion special federal allocation for Sarawak by 2012.
Elected representatives were also required to provide inputs to the divisional development committees, chaired by the resident of each division, to ensure projects were implemented according to their political need, he said. — Bernama

Ibrahim upset with GLC snub

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
Ibrahim says Perkasa will “scrutinise” what GLCs do for the Malay community. — file pic
KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Datuk Ibrahim Ali today expressed his disappointment with Malay heads of government-linked companies (GLCs) for not attending his Malay rights group, Perkasa’s inaugural congress. The Pasir Mas MP criticised the GLC heads for being interested in personal interests instead of the interests of the Malay community.
“I am a bit disappointed. If you look at the Chinese chambers of commerce, they organised a seminar when they heard that the government was planning on a New Economic Model. When Datuk Seri Najib Razak came, all Chinese corporate leaders were present but look how weak we are. They are scared that, if they attend, then [their] reputation may be affected. That is a wrong attitude,” the Perkasa president told reporters after the congress here.
The Malaysian Insider reported yesterday that a number of Malay heads of GLCs and other corporate leaders from the community have declined invitations to attend Perkasa’s AGM.
It was understood that Perkasa had sent out invitations for their inaugural assembly beyond the typical right-wing audience as part of efforts to reach out and broaden its appeal.
GLC chiefs, retired politicians, Islamic clerics and former armed forces officers were among those invited to witness the birth of the organisation that was formed to defend the constitutional position of the Malays and the “social contract”.
Ibrahim said that Perkasa will monitor the GLCs and their roles in helping the Malay community.
“We will scrutinise the GLCs. We are not only looking at their performance but also the role they play in helping Malay entrepreneurs.
“The GLCs have helped many of the English papers but do not give any opportunity to the Malay dailies. They only help New Straits Times and The Star. That is why I mentioned Utusan (Malaysia) because the paper has defended Perakasa. Utusan is willing to defend Malay rights when other papers just want to play safe,” he said.
Ibrahim added Malay dailies were important in promoting Malay culture.
“What is wrong with supporting Malay dailies? They can help strengthen the use of Bahasa Melayu. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has also told me that he will look into why Petronas and Proton do not give any room for Malay dailies,” he said.
The independent lawmaker also told the government not to capitulate to demands from the Chinese community, and instead, asked Umno and PAS — as the major Malay parties — to unite for the sake of the community.
He said it will take the two-year-old movement another two years to unite the Malays but added unity could be achieved faster if the two political foes worked towards bringing together members of the race.

Kit Siang slams Perkasa’s May 13 jibe, labels Dr M ultra

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Lim Kit Siang today slammed Perkasa chief, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, for blaming DAP as a factor behind the May 13 riots, adding that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s patronage of the movement has pushed him back to being an ultra.
The former premier opened the Malay rights movement’s inaugural congress today, where Ibrahim accused DAP and its “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan of being among the causes of the 1969 race riots.
“From the incendiary speech of the Perkasa president, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, it is clear that Perkasa is built on stilts of lies,” the DAP Parliamentary Leader said in a statement.
The veteran opposition leader called it a “lie that DAP and the Malaysian Malaysia slogan were among the main factors that caused the May 13 riots”, questioning the Pasir Mas MP for taking 41 years after the 1969 riots to make the “discovery”.
“If DAP and Malaysian Malaysia were the causes of May 13 in 1969, DAP would have been banned long ago and DAP leaders would have languished in jail and unable to participate in Malaysian electoral politics in the past nine general elections.
“Or is Ibrahim suggesting that the Special Branch and the past five prime ministers had been remiss in their national duties in failing to take action against DAP, which he alleged as a threat to national security and  perpetrator of May 13 riots?” asked the Ipoh Timur MP.
He stressed that it was a lie that the DAP is against the Malays, Islam and wants to do away with the Malay Rulers, a recurrent theme in Perkasa and among ultra-nationalists in Umno, which dominates the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.
Lim noted that Ibrahim had sought his help as Parliamentary Opposition Leader when he was trying to escape detention under the Internal Security Act for his activities as a student leader. “Why seek my help if DAP leaders were so anti-national and disloyal as he now wants to depict?” he asked.
But the DAP leader said Ibrahim Ali was not as important as the “patronage given to the neo-NEP Perkasa by Mahathir”.
“Mahathir has come full circle, from an ultra back again to an ultra — repudiating Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020 which he enunciated in 1991.
“This is the greatest tragedy,” said Lim of his rival in Parliament between 1974 and 2004.

Pergi jahanam dengan UG !!!

oleh bat8 :

1. Kerjasama yang dicanang oleh geng kerajaang perpaduang adalah senjata yang akan menghancurkan kejayaan PAS selepas PRU12.

2. Aku pun tak faham dengan logik geng perpaduang ni. Sejak PAS ditubuhkan hinggalah PRU11 (2004) PAS hanya dikenali sebagai sebuah parti kolot, Taliban dan kejayaannya secara konsisten hanyalah di kelantan. Islam begitu ditakuti dan disalahfahami oleh bukan sahaja yang bukan islam tetapi dikalangan orang islam moden. PAS dikenali sebagai parti tok lebai yang sinonim dengan backwardness.

3. Kejayaan pasca pru12 iaitu dalam 3 tahun ini sebenarnya telah melonjak Islam ditempat istimewa. keindahan Islam tiba-tiba menarik perhatian dan kekaguman semua rakyat Malaysia. Kejayaan ini jauh lebih cemerlang dari perjuangan PAS selama 50 tahun sebelumnya.

4. Tiba-tiba puak geng kerajaang perpaduang muncul untuk menarik PAS kembali kezaman sebelumnya. Ini bermakna menarik Islam kebelakang dari terus menjadi asas kenegaraan yang baru.

5. Aku pun nak tahu juga apa kertas kerja yang ditulis oleh Dr. Harun din yang menyokong kerjasama dengan UMNO ni. Aku caabar sesiapa yang ada kertas tersebut publish kat internet untuk dinilai. kemudian geng depa cubalah pertahankan cadangan mereka yang tak masuk akal tu.

6. Kalau benar geng kerajaang perpaduang ini masih meneruskan rancangan mereka, percayalah Islam akan kalah dalam PRU13 nanti.

7. PAS akan hilang Kelantan yang mereka banggakan. Hanya individu-indiviodu tertentu seperti TGNA sahaja akan menang di kelantan. PAS pasti tumbang.

8. Geng kerajaang perpaduang ni kebanyakannya pemimpin PAS dari Terengganu. Kerajaan PAS mereka hanya boleh bertahan sepenggal sahaja ini nak cubamengatur percaturan politik negara.

Aku pasti tidak akan menyokong PAS lagi dan akan memastikan kenalan dan saudara mara aku menolak PAS jika geng kerajaang perpaduang ini menguasai PAS pusat dan melaksanakan agenda kerajaang perpaduang mereka.

Senyum la sikit Madey ooi....

Lama rasanya tak disandingkan sekali diatas pentas dan diraikan bagai pahlawan camni... hihi...

Sebagai orang lama dan berpengalaman, kedua mempelai ni nampak sepadan. Ye.. la... kalau tak sepadan, takkan kekal sampai la ni yer dak... heh... heh...

Kedua susuk segak ini telah disandingkan semula oleh Perkasa tadi memang masih tampak perkasa. Cuma kurang manisnya. Bang, senyum sikit bang... heh... heh... - shalehudin

Dolah Taucu! Dolah Taucu! Dolah Taucu!!

Tertarik dan tergeletek apabila baca N3 di blog Tukar Tiub. Katanya...

Mahafiraun naik takhta.

Fuulaamaakk.... cunnya!! Bak merpati doa sejoli. Macam pinang di belah dua babe!

Pasti seronok kan?? Ditatang bak seorang 'raja' oleh rakyat 'perkasa' yang dipimpin oleh Raja Katak " Pejuang Melayu Sejati"

Ha... ha... ha... ha...

Dolah Taucu!! Dolah Taucu!! Dolah Taucu!!






woit... YA AMPOOON !.... kah kah kah








“Mempertahankan institusi raja-raja Melayu.” ????

Inilah muka Hipokrit... pertahankan institusi Raja-Raja konon... piiirrraaahhhhh..... paling sial malaun yang tenyeh keris kat hidung tu.... bangang punya melayu... ooppppssss bukan melayu... tapi katak... yeaaaa.... katak pembodek...pencacai dan penjilat tegarrrrrr.....

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA) hari ini membuat 13 laporan polis terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung isu “16 September” yangdidakwa menggunakan nama Yang di-Pertuan Agong bagi mendapatkan sokongan politik.

Kira-kira 50 anggota pertubuhan itu sebelumnya berarak daripada Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) di ibu negara ke ibu pejabat polis daerah (IPD) Sentul - berdekatan dengan tempat itu - selepas perasmian mesyuarat agungnya.

Menurut ketua Wiranya Arman Azhar, sebanyak 13 laporan itu dibuat terhadap ketua pembangkang itu secara berasingan oleh wakil PERKASA daripada 13 negeri di seluruh negara.

Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas membuat laporan tersebut tengah hari tadi, Arman berkata, mereka membuat laporan tersebut bagi “mempertahankan institusi raja-raja Melayu.”

Beliau juga mempersoalkan kenapakah polis tidak mengambil tindakan terhadap bekas timbalan perdana menteri itu sedangkan telah banyak laporan dibuat terhadapnya.

Yang ini pulak barua2 kepada gambar yang di atas tu...

Anwar Dedah Tembelang Umno BN Kepada Rakyat Hulu Selangor

KUALA KUBU BHARU 27 MAC: Rakyat Hulu Selangor malam semalam didedahkan dengan pelbagai penyelewengan yang selama ini dicuba diselindung pentadbiran kerajaan Umno Barisan Nasional.

Bertempat di Stadium Mini Kuala Kubu Bharu yang dihadiri hampir 10,000 orang, satu persatu tembelang Umno BN dibongkar pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat termasuk tokoh utama, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat menyentuh pelbagai isu kepentingan negara, antaranya kehilangan enjin pesawat TUDM, penyelewengan kontrak kapal selam Scorpene, gejala rasuah dan sebagainya.

“Saya, kalau saudara tengok sudah 12 tahun yang dicerca. Sebulan dua ini, panas balik sebab Umno tidak mampu berdepan dengan rakyat. Saya diaib, ditelanjangkan, dipukul, dipenjara, dituduh berbagai-bagai.

"...Khianat negara, pecah belah, guna Agong, guna tentera, semua.. sebut satu kesalahan, Anwar Ibrahim!” cabar Anwar pada ceramahnya kepada pimpinan Umno BN.

Beliau turut memberi gambaran perkembangan politik di negara ini termasuk suasana sebenar yang berlaku dalam sidang Parlimen yang menjadikan beliau sebagai objek sasaran tohmahan.

“Titah di-Raja Yang di-Pertuan Agong, dibahaskan tetapi tidak jadi bahas titah di-Raja. Yang dibahaskan ialah pidato Anwar Ibrahim di Parlimen minggu ini.

"Hari-hari bangun tidur sahaja, orang Umno tidak ada lain, Anwar Ibrahim tidak bagus. Eh, saya kata, tajuk ini titah Agong ke apa? Punya elerginya dia,” Anwar menyindir.

Meskipun Anwar dituduh sebagai ejen Yahudi dan ejen Hindu, ironinya kerajaan UMNO-BN yang mengaku memperjuangkan Malaysia sebagai negara Islam sebaliknya menggalakkan perjuadian.

“Islam agama rasmi tapi lesen judi tambah, tak malukah kita?  Di Parlimen, ahli-ahli parlimen yang Melayu, Islam, Keadilan, PAS bangkit. Kita menentang Najib tambah lesen judi, Umno diam.

"Yang sokong kita siapa? Cina, termasuk Cina DAP, Anthony Loke. DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat tidak bersetuju beri banyak lesen judi. Dunia sekarang sudah terbalik,”  hujah Anwar lagi.

Guan Eng Tunggu Zahrain Saman Untuk Dedah Tembelang

Oleh Rusnizam Mahat
SHAH Alam 27 Mac - Tindakan Ahli Parlimen Bebas Bayan Baru, Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim yang memfailkan saman terhadap Ketua Menteri Pulau, Lim Guan Eng dianggap usaha mengalihkan perhatian daripada isu sebenar yang dihadapi beliau.
Pembantu Khas kepada Lim Guan Eng, Ng Yap Hwa berkata Zahrain cuba mencari publisiti murahan dengan menghantar surat tuntutan kepada Guan Eng sedangkan ia bukan notis saman mahkamah, sebaliknya hanya surat notis oleh seorang peguam.
"Zahrain hanya cuba alihkan perhatian daripada sebab sebenarnya dia begitu marah kepada Ketua Menteri bukan kerana isu prinsip tetapi kerana Ketua Menteri enggan mengikut syor Zahrain yang menwakili IGP Sdn Bhd untuk meluluskan pengswastaan pengurusan Bukit Jambul Golf Club yang bernilai lebih RM40 juta kepada sebuah syarikat RM2,"kata Yap Hwa.
Menurut beliau Guan Eng hanya menunggu tindakan saman mahkamditeruskan oleh Zahrain supaya segala pekung Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru itu dapat didedahkan kepada umum.
"Kami mengesyaki Zahrain samada beliau benar-benar berani meneruskan tindakan mahkamah atau hanya bersikap main-main untuk dapat publisiti murah kerana ada dokumen hitam putih yang boleh sahkan bahawa Zahrain menyokong pemberian tender RM40 juta kepada sebuah syarikat RM2 yang tidak ada sebarang rekod kerana hanya baru ditubuhkan dua bulan sebelum tender dipanggil," jelasnya.
Yap Hwa berkata Ahli Parlimen Kalabakan Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh dalam ucapannya di Parlimen pada 23 Mac lalu mempersoalkan tindakan Zahrain menggelar Guan Eng sebagai komunis kerana tidak mendapat sebarang bentuk imbuhan dari kerajaan negeri.
Ghafur dalam ucapannya di Parlimen dipetik sebagai berkata, “Bolehkah dalam dewan ini tunjuk satu orang antara kita ini komunis. Ini (tuduhan Zahrain) bukan bukti, ini salah dari segi peraturan, mana boleh duduk dalam Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Undangan Negeri seorang komunis.
"Abdul Ghapur memarahi Zahrain sudah gemuk dan sudah kenyang kerana 'umpan' yang dibagi kepada Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru ini besar, sebab dia lompat,” tegas Yap Hwa lagi.

Rakyat Bangun Menentang Rejim Zalim Umno-BN

Oleh Faizal Ezzany
KUALA KUBU 27 Mac - Kekejaman Umno selama lebih 50 tahun perlu di sekat segera agar rakyat tidak lagi tertindas dan sudah sampai masanya untuk rakyat bangun menentang segala kezaliman dan usaha jahat rejim Umno-Barisan Nasional untuk terus kekalberkuasa.
Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua dalam ucapannya pada Himpunan Selamatkan Malaysia di Kuala Kubu Baru malam tadi menegaskan rakyat perlu bangkit dari terus ditindas dan dizalimi rejim yang rakus dan menyeleweng ini.
"Semua pemimpin kita telah dikenakan tindakan oleh pihak berkuasa tetapi mereka tidak pernah gentar untuk meneruskan perjuangan mereka. Kita akan terus menentang kezaliman yang dilakukan oleh rejim Umno ini.
"Kita sebagai rakyat perlu bangun menentang kezaliman yang ada sekarang, sudah cukup 50 tahun Umno menekan kita dengan  sifat kuku besi mereka yang hanya mementingkan kroni mereka sahaja tanpa timbul perasaan untuk membela rakyat.
"Umno tidak pernah serius dalam perjuangan yang mereka laungkan, isu perkauman dipergunakan untuk menarik perhatian rakyat. Bila mereka sudah rasa hilang perhatian rakyat mereka akan menggunakan isu keagamaan dan mengarah kesemua jentera kerajaan membuat bermacam-macam serangan terhadap kita.
"Kita lihat bagaimana Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sekali lagi di fitnah dengan cerita yang sama, kesemua cerita ini telah diatur dengan rapi kerana mereka takut dengan kemaraan Pakatan Rakyat.
"Mereka boleh menggunakan hakim untuk meletakkan keadilan kepada kita dengan mengikut skrip yang telah diberikan tetapi mereka tidak tahu rakyat tidak akan akur dengan skrip mereka walaupun bermacam-macam tohmahan dan berita disebarkan melalui media arus perdana mereka, rakyat sekarang telah sedar dan sedia untuk menghukum Umno di atas kekejam yang telah mereka laku selama 50 tahun ini.
"Pilihan raya kecil yang akan datang ini akan digunakan sepenuhnya oleh Umno dengan menggunakan wang bagi meraih sokongan dari rakyat selain itu juga mereka akan menyebarkan segala fitnah dengan berita-berita palsu, saya harap rakyat di Kuala Kubu sedar dengan apa yang telah mereka lakukan kerana mereka tak ada hak untuk memaksa rakyat untuk menyokong mereka," tegas beliau dihadapan lebih 10,000 penyokong yang membanjiri Stadium Kuala Kubu Bharu.
Turut hadir pada ceramah anjuran Parlimen Hulu Selangor itu termasuk Ketua Umum KEADILAN Datuk Seri Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim serta pimpinan KEADILAN pusat dan negeri.
Kawasan parlimen Hulu Selangor bakal menyaksikan pilihan raya kecil berikutan kematian wakil rakyatnya, Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad yang meninggal dunia Khamis lalu akibat barah otak.

Anwar Lancar SEGAR Bantu Gempita Perak Ke Putrajaya

TAIPING 27 Mac - Ketua Umum KEADILAN melancarkan Sukarelawan Gerakan Rakyat Perak atau Segar di Simpang, Taiping petang tadi.
Menurut Penasihat Segar, Azizan Ahmad pertubuhan yang baru diasaskan itu bertujuan memastikan program Gerakan Gelombang Rakyat (Gegar) yang bertemakan Gempita Perak Ke Putrajaya berjalan dengan lancar.
"Sedar bergerak sebagai badan sukarela yang menyediakan tenaga kerja bagi membantu melancarkan semua pogram yang bergerak di bawah Gempita Perak Ke Putrajaya. Anggota Sedar kebanyakannya terdiri daripada anggota Skuad Angkatan Muda KEADILAN dan anak-anak muda lepasan sekolah.
"Mereka akan membantu gerak kerja seperti memasang kain rentang, menampal poster, menyelenggara lalulintas, mengedar risalah dan sebagainya," kata Azizan.
Buat permulaan Segar mempunyai kira-kira 30 sukarelawan yang akan menjelajah ke seluruh negeri Perak pada setiap program Gempita dan jumlah petugas akan ditambah dari masa ke semasa mengikut keperluan.
Azizan berkata Segar yang diketuai oleh Zafril Eusoff akan berada di bawal kawal selia Majlis Pimpinan KEADILAN Negeri Perak.

MCA presidential race too close to call

By Clara Chooi
KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Uncertainty continues to reign over who will claim the bitterly-contested MCA presidency, even as the final hours on the campaign clock for tomorrow’s party polls tick away.
One thing is for certain, the party’s 2,378 delegates are expected to turn out in full force to cast their ballots in an election that will determine the party’s survival following the protracted leadership crisis.
Since 3pm today, the MCA party headquarters was crawling with delegates arriving from across the country, all eager to get a head start in registering their names for the second party election in two years.
Tonight, all candidates will get their last swipe at grabbing support for themselves, as party delegates converge for a pre-EGM dinner at the party’s headquarters on Jalan Ampang here.
Until this evening, however, there was still no clear indication which of the presidential hopefuls — incumbent Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, former deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek or former president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting — have garnered the most support in the very close race.
Talk is that Tee Keat is popular with the general public; Dr Chua has the party grassroots support; while Ka Ting is in the lead with many of the party veterans. But their fate lies in the hands of the 2,378 delegates and not those outside the Dewan San Choon polling station.
Over the week, Tee Keat, who was once touted as the underdog in the fight, seemed to have turned things in his favour, with a public poll showing he has support to continue as party president.
The embattled leader, with persistency and consistency in propagating his transformation and change agenda, has gone on a tell-all binge by hinting to the people how he had become a victim of an intricate conspiracy engineered by his predecessor, Ka Ting.
Tee Keat had, however, steered clear of passing judgement on his other rival, Dr Chua, and had chosen instead to expound on his greater plans for the future of MCA.
Dr Chua, however, wasted no time in playing the role of the injured party and lamented how he had been the target of a vicious plan to oust him before his time, in the 2007 sex DVD scandal that prematurely ended his political career.
By pre-empting any moves from his political foes to use the sex scandal to demonise him, it appeared that it was Dr Chua who cleverly used the controversy as his trump card.
His message is clear: “I admitted my mistake but they kicked me out again. Do not use this forever against me. The other two have had the chance to serve as president while I have not. Give me that chance.”
Ka Ting, in the meantime, has been on a tireless journey across the country, rounding up support from old friends and colleagues from the grassroots, hoping to revive their belief in him.
His campaign stance is to tell the people, “Forget the other two, they were the cause of this crisis. You know me; I have worked for five years as president. Vote for me, I can unite the factions.”
Denying that he wants to be seen as a saviour of the party, Ka Ting told The Malaysian Insider on nomination day that, “I am not here as a faction, I am here to unite the factions.”
How much inroads these three candidates have made over the past week will be revealed when the results come out after 7pm tomorrow.
CC candidate Datuk Tan Chin Meng told The Malaysian Insider this evening that the atmosphere at Dewan San Choon was almost palpable this afternoon, charged with excitement and hope.
“People were in good spirits. There was no indication of any tenseness and I think this is because everyone is ready for a good show tomorrow,” he said.
He added that it was hard to judge from the events of the past week just how much support any of the three presidential candidates had.
“The turnout at dinners and luncheons during the candidates’ campaign trails cannot be any indication of support. Similarly, if a function receives poor response, it does not mean that the delegates are not in support of the candidate.
“Somehow, with the present crisis having extended for so long, it looks as if everyone wants to cast their own votes and not the votes they were told to cast by their divisional leaders,” he said.
Tan added that tomorrow’s expected mammoth turnout would be reflective of just how concerned the party’s delegates were over the state of MCA and how badly they wanted the fresh polls to lead them out of crisis.
Former CC member Wong Nai Chee agreed with Tan and reiterated how crowd size at campaign functions were poor yardsticks to measure support.
“People may greet you with a smile but they may not vote for you. Or they may not attend your luncheon but they could still vote for you. Crowd size, to me, is just a smoke screen.
“We cannot gauge at this point just who has the most support,” he said.
CC candidate Gan Ping Sieu agreed that Tee Keat’s support lay with the general public and that this may not be translated into votes, since it would be the central delegates who would become kingmakers, not the public.
“But you never know. If everyone truly wants the party out of this crisis, the delegates have to take heed of what the public want from the party because they would be the ones determining our survival in the next party elections,” he said.
Until zero hour, however, the air of uncertainty still hangs heavily over the future of MCA.

Hulu Selangor: Jangan Bangkit Isu Pengundi Hantu, Kata SPR ..ha..ha..awal mengaku dah ada hantu kat sana...!!! nak kencing rakyat lagi la tue...!!!

SHAH ALAM: Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) hari ini mengingatkan semua pihak agar tidak menimbulkan isu pengundi hantu pada pilihan raya kecil kawasan Parlimen Hulu Selangor yang akan diadakan tidak lama lagi.
Pengerusinya Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof berkata ini kerana isu itu tidak pernah wujud sebaliknya timbul apabila ada pihak tidak memahami peraturan baru yang dilaksana sejak Julai 2002.
Menurut peraturan yang dikuatkuasa sejak Julai 2002, pemilih hanya boleh mengundi mengikut alamat yang tertera pada kad pengenalannya walaupun dia tidak tinggal di kawasan itu, katanya kepada pemberita di sini.
Beliau berkata isu pengundi hantu timbul apabila pemilih itu kembali ke kawasan berkenaan untuk membuang undi tetapi tidak dikenali penduduk setempat.
"Isu pengundi hantu ini mungkin timbul apabila orang yang tidak tinggal di situ kerana telah berhijrah tetapi alamatnya dalam kad pengenalan adalah di kawasan berkenaan, jadi pada hari mengundi dia pulang untuk mengundi dan penduduk sekitar tidak mengenalinya maka timbullah isu kononnya ada pengundi hantu.
"Contohnya seperti di Hulu Selangor nanti, alamat kad pengenalan di Hulu Selangor, tetapi tidak semua pengundi duduk di situ, mereka duduk di Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur dan Klang atau di mana-mana," katanya.
Beliau juga menegaskan SPR hanya menggunakan maklumat rasmi daripada Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) untuk mengemaskinikan Daftar Pemilih.
Pada pilihan raya kecil kawasan Hulu Selangor nanti, Abdul Aziz berkata pihaknya akan menggunakan Daftar Pemilih yang disahkan pada Disember 2009 yang menyaksikan 65,058 pengundi layak membuang undi.
Semua yang telah mendaftar sehingga Disember lepas layak untuk mengundi pada pilihan raya kecil itu nanti, katanya.
Beliau juga tidak hairan jika badan itu sekali lagi dijadikan tempat melepas geram oleh pihak yang tidak berpuas hati kelak.
SPR tidak mengikut arahan mana-mana pihak, sebaliknya menjalankan tugas berpandukan perundangan yang telah ditetapkan, tegasnya.
Mengulas isu berkaitan, Abdul Aziz mengingatkan semua pihak agar tidak memulakan kempen termasuk termasuk menaikkan poster, bendera atau mengadakan ceramah di kawasan itu.
"Belum boleh mulakan lagi, jika ada yang sudah mula naik poster dan sebagainya tindakan adalah di bawah pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) dan polis. Tunggu dulu pengumuman rasmi," katanya.
Pengumuman mengenai butiran pilihan raya kecil kawasan itu akan dibuat Jumaat ini, kata beliau.
Kerusi itu kosong selepas penyandangnya Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) meninggal dunia Khamis lepas akibat barah otak. - BERNAMA

Be fair to the Malays too, Dr M tells 'weak' government

By Zainal Epi
FULL REPORT KUALA LUMPUR : Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad called on the government and its relevant agencies to conduct a study to find out how much have the Malays benefited from government's policies and whether they have deprived other races of economic opportunities.
He said the result would refute allegations that the Malays have taken everything away, including all the scholarships and contracts.
“Conduct the study or let independent people do it. Don't make baseless allegations. Be fair. I am not a racist. I love my country, but if we cannot be fair to the Malays, then we cannot be to fair to the other races,” he said when opening Perkasa's inaugural assembly at Putra World Trade Centre here today.
He also sent a stern reminder to the government to listen to the grouses of the Malays, too, saying the current leaders should not take away what little was left for the Malays to placate others.
'Don't ignore complaints'
Mahathir said Perkasa and other Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were formed because the Malays no longer have confidence in Umno protecting their interests.
He added that the Malays were worried and felt they had to protect themselves since Umno was not in a position to do so anymore.
“Umno has become weak to the extent that other quarters have begun to make demands and exert pressure in an ill-mannered way.
“The Malays see a weak Umno and as a result, so many Malay NGOs have been formed, which were not seen in the past, including during my time as prime minister,” Mahathir said.
“I am not saying the government is one-sided but what I am saying is, it is weak. Support for Umno and Barisan Nasional is not as strong as it was during Tun Razak or Tun Hussein Onn’s or my time.
“That's the reality now but I am confident that under Najib’s leadership, the government can become strong again.
“Under Najib’s leadership, things can change but he has to listen to all the grouses and complaints, inlcuding from the Malays, too, and not ignore them. For as long as there are imbalance in the treatment of the Malays, there will be no equality among the races in the country,” he added.
Mahathir said when Umno becomes strong again and is able to protect the interests and rights of the Malays, he is certain that Perkasa will be dissolved.

Ibrahim: Malays deserve a bigger chunk of the economy

By Zainal Epi
KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa called on Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak to continue with affirmative action for Malays when charting a new economic model for the country.
Its president Ibrahim Ali said the new economic model must be based on Articles 152 & 153 of the federal constitution, if it hopes to win the support of the community.
He said Perkasa and the newly-formed Malay Consultative Council would fully support Najib as Prime Minister and Umno president if he does this.
“Umno as a Malay party must be strong in defending the demands and interests of the Malays if its leaders want to remain relevant,” he said at the opening of the Perkasa inaugural assembly.
Ibrahim also said Bumiputeras should own 67 percent of the country’s economic wealth, given the fact that the community formed the majority of the population in the country.
“Malays form 55 percent, with Bumiputeras 12 percent, which adds up to 67 percent. Thus the nation’s economic wealth must be 67 percent for the Bumiputeras, and not 30 percent.
“In a democracy, the national agenda is for the majority and in this regard, the country’s economic wealth must be divided according to the population distribution,” he said.
‘Be careful about issues related to Islam’
Ibrahim also warned the nation’s leaders to be sensitive to issues affecting Islam, Malays and Bumiputeras.
He issued a reminder to political parties, especially Umno, not to make enemies of Perkasa if it wanted Malay support in the next general election.
He dismissed talks that Perkasa was out to compete with Umno. “We are not competing with any party. We are not interested in contesting in election.
“But I’ll say this: don’t make us your enemies if you want to win the next election. If you make us your enemies, you (Umno) will lose,” he added.

Hulu Selangor: BN mahu status quo kekal, MIC tanding

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Mac — Barisan Nasional (BN) akan mengekalkan status quo dengan meletakkan wakil MIC bertanding pada pilihan raya kecil kerusi Parlimen Hulu Selangor walaupun Umno Selangor juga menunjukkan minat turun gelanggang.
The Malaysian Insider difahamkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi (MT) Umno malam tadi dikatakan membayangkan akan “terus menghormati” keputusan ketika pilihan raya umum 2008.
“Umno akan menghormati persetujuan yang telah dibuat... Datuk Seri Najib juga mahu perkara ini diterima,” kata seorang anggota MT yang ditemui The Malaysian Insider.
Bagaimanapun anggota itu menambah, MT tidak menyentuh soal itu malam tadi.
“Tiada perbincangan langsung soal itu tetapi kami akan menghormati kata persetujuan yang telah diamalkan sebelum, bermakna MIC akan bertanding,” kata anggota itu lagi.
Anggota itu secara peribadi berpendapat bahawa MIC sebagai komponen BN yang pernah bertanding dua tahun lalu wajar meneruskan tradisi kali ini.
MIC telah bertanding di kerusi itu sejak 1980-an.
Bagaimanapun anggota MT itu secara berseloroh berkata Umno akan menyokong Datuk G. Palanivel tetapi berharap “akan datang sebagai Palanivel baru.”
“Memang ada perbezaan pandangan tetapi itu perkara biasa, tetapi itu tidak pernah bermakna kita akan mengetepikan perjanjian masa lalu,” katanya.
Malam tadi, Najib berkata beliau akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan Presiden MIC Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu berhubung soal calon BN bagi kawasan Hulu Selangor.
“Saya akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan Presiden MIC,” kata beliau selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat MT Umno.
Najib yang juga Pengerusi BN mengulas mengenai kenyataan Samy Vellu semalam untuk meletakkan semula  Palanivel sebagai calon di Hulu Selangor.
Pada masa yang sama Umno Selangor juga mahu partinya diberikan peluang bertanding di kawasan itu.
Kerusi itu kosong ekoran kematian penyandang jawatan Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad kelmarin.
Palanivel tewas di tangan Zainal dengan perbezaan 198 undi pada 8 Mac 2008.
Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya akan menetapkan tarikh pilihan raya pada Jumaat ini.

Mahathir jawab tuduhan "UMNO untuk adik, bini dan anak"

"Pemimpin UMNO hanya sibuk buncitkan perut diri, adik beradik, anak, menantu dan bini..." Demikianlah tuduhan yang sering dilontarkan oleh pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat terhadap UMNO-Barisan Nasional dalam ceramah politik.  Persepsi ini diperkukuhkan apabila masyarakat Malaysia dipaparkan senarai 40 individu terkaya di Malaysia baru-baru ini.
Antaranya, Mokhzani Mahathir, 48, anak kedua bekas Perdana Menteri Mahathir Mohamad menduduki tempat ke-20, dengan nilai harta lebih daripada RM1 bilion.  Nazir Razak dari CIMB pula, iaitu adik PM Najib Razak, berada di kedudukan ke-40 terkaya, dengan nilai harta RM345 juta, berdasarkan kajian satu majalah baru-baru ini.
Ketika tuduhan yang dilontarkan Ketua Pembangkang, Anwar Ibrahim (gambar kanan) diajukan kepada bekas PM Mahathir Mohamad, beliau menjawab, "Kalau dia (Mokhzani) tersenarai..., bukan (pun) waktu saya jadi Perdana Menteri.  Masa saya jadi Perdana Menteri, anak saya tak boleh buat business (berniaga) dengan kerajaan sama sekali.  Tak boleh dapat scholarship (biasiswa).  Anak saya tak dapat scholarship dari kerajaan.  Mirzan saja yang dapat scholarship sebelum saya jadi Menteri Pelajaran.  Yang lain semua scholarship saya tak bagi, masuk politik tak boleh, berniaga dengan kerajaan tak boleh."
Beliau menambah, "Tapi, Anwar, kawan-kawannya semua kaya.  Saya tahu seorang kawannya ada 230 million ringgit, saya tak tahu dari mana datang."
Wartawan kemudian menyusul dengan soalan berbunyi, "Jadi, bagaimana Tun melihat adik Perdana Menteri sekarang juga tersenarai sebagai..."
Dengan lantas Mahathir (gambar kiri) mencelah, "Tapi Anwar tak tegur itu.  Anwar tumpu kepada saya saja."
"Dia ada sebut adik-beradik, dan anak-anak (dikayakan)...," wartawan mendesak lagi.
Mahathir cuba mengelak daripada menjawab kepada soalan, "Dia (Anwar) pun sama juga.  Kalau dia jadi Perdana Menteri, itulah.  Bila dah jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, kawan-kawannya semua kaya.  Dan dia duit banyak juga.  Tak tahu duit dari mana."
Dakwaan "konspirasi" oleh Anwar
Sebelum ini, ketika menjawab soalan daripada wartawan, Mahathir mengambil kesempatan mencuit Anwar Ibrahim, bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang dipecat olehnya pada 2 September 1998.
Merujuk kepada dakwaan Anwar bahawa dirinya menjadi mangsa kepada konspirasi politik UMNO-BN, Mahathir berkata, "Sesiapa yang terjerat dengan masalah, dan tidak dapat memberi penjelasan, akan berkata konspirasi.  Kalau dia ditangkap, dia akan kata itu konspirasi.  Misalnya kes tahun 1997 dan 1998, menurutnya (Anwar), wujudnya satu konspirasi.  Sekarang, wujud satu konspirasi.  Seolah-olah dalam negara ini, setiap orang ada konspirasi, termasuk hakim."
Sebaliknya, Mathathir menuduh bahawa wujudnya muslihat untuk menggulingkan dirinya dari kerusi PM, yang didalangi Anwar Ibrahim.
"Dia bersubahat untuk menggulingkan saya!  Semua orang mengetahuinya.  Dia meminta orang untuk menyerang saya, mendakwa saya ada kroni dan sebagainya, tetapi dia sendiri sangat baik (nice).  Dia orang kedua dalam kabinet...," katanya.
Beliau menjelaskan, "Di belakang saya, dia (Anwar) berbuat sesuatu yang jahat.  Di depan saya, kami duduk semeja dengan senyuman yang manis.  Itu namanya konspirasi.  Itu dia dari dulu hingga sekarang (That's him all the way).  Itu sebabnya saya tidak terkejut dengan tuduhannya."
Malah dengan nada yang sinis, Mahathir menyindir Anwar Ibrahim, "Semua orang bias untuk dia.  Hakim bias, Ketua Polis Negara bias, Peguam negara bias, kerajaan juga bias...(terhadapnya)."
Menyindir Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Bukan sahaja Anwar Ibrahim yang dijadikan sasaran, malah penggantinya, bekas PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi turut dipersendakan ketika Mahathir menilai prestasi Najib Razak selaku PM untuk tempoh setahun.
"Keadaannya jauh lebih baik daripada Pak Lah-lah.  Masa Pak Lah saya tak boleh bercakap langsung.  Saya tidak boleh dijemput oleh siapa-siapa pun.  Tapi dia cukup liberal.  Very demokratik.  Orang yang macam saya ni tak boleh cakap," katanya secara sinis.
Beliau menambah, "tapi Najib dia bagilah ruang sikit saya cakap, jadi baguslah.  Lagipun dia ada idea sikit."
Ketika ditanya harapannya terhadap Najib, beliau berkata, "Harapan saya kepada Najib lebih daripada yang lepaslah.  Yang koridor tu.  Banyak koridor.  Tapi, you nampak apa-apa dalam koridor?  You tak buat laporan?  Press should make a kajian, of all the corridors of the five years, what has been done?"
Antara kebebasan dengan kestabilan
Mahathir berkata sedemikian dalam satu sidang media selepas beliau merasmikan Mesyuarat Agung PERKASA yang pertama di Dewan Tun Razak 1, PWTC hari ini.  Dalam ucapannya hampir sejam, beliau menyatakan bahawa UMNO telah menjadi lemah, buktinya tidak wujud NGO Melayu yang memperjuangkan hak Melayu dalam tempoh hampir 50 tahun setelah negara ini merdeka.  Namun, kelemahan UMNO kini telah menyaksikan kebangkitan PERKASA.
Beliau turut menyahut pandangan bahawa kaum bukan Melayu semakin berani menuduh dan mendesak dengan tuntutan yang "bukan-bukan".  Ketika ditanya apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan "desakan yang bukan-bukan", beliau menjawab, "Desakan yang bukan-bukan, kononnya semua scholarship (biasiswa) bagi kepada bumiputera, semua kontrak kerajaan bagi kepada bumiputera.  Jadi, semua ini betulkah tak betul?  Kita nak tahulah.  Cakap saje tak bolehlah.  Tak patut.  Let's base on fact.  Saya nak supaya kita pegang kepada factsThis is a multiracial country.  We have to share together.  But if we start making accusation against one another, which is not based on fact, then you just create instability.  Instability will affect everybody."
Malah, beliau mengulangi pendiriannya, antara "kebebasan" dan "kestabilan", dengan andaian kedua-duanya tidak datang bersama untuk negara yang belum maju (high developed) seperti negara kita.
"Bila saya mengundur, ia kelihatan kerajaan baru pimpinan Abdullah lebih liberal.  Rakyat mahukan lebih kebebasan untuk membincangkan isu yang sensitif.  Tetapi, apa yang kita lihat hari ini, hubungan antara kaum yang berlainan adalah lebih teruk daripada zaman saya.  Persoalannya ialah, sama ada kita mahu kebebasan untuk membincang untuk tujuan perbincangan, atau kita mahu kestabilan di negara ini?"
"(Kalau) kamu mahu kestabilan dan pertumbuhan di negara ini, jadi lebih baik kamu mengendalikan perkara ini sebagai isu sensitif.  Tetapi jikalau anda rasa anda mahu bersikap liberal, jadi macamlah sesetengah negara yang tidak dapat membangun kerana mereka liberal, dan situasi dalam negara selalunya tidak stabil," katanya.

Perkasa dirasmikan, 13 laporan polis dibuat

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) hari ini mengadakan mesyuarat agung tahunannya yang pertama meskipun sebelum ini menerima beberapa tamparan terhadap imej NGO itu.

Minggu lalu, tetamu kehormat yang diundang ke AGM Perkasa di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) menolak jemputan berkenaan.

Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah membuat pembatalan itu bagi mengelakkan salah tanggapan dan manipulasi pihak-pihak tertentu terutamanya dalam keadaan politik sekarang.

Tindakan yang sama diambil oleh beberapa Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif daripada syarikat yang berkepentingan kerajaan (GLC) selang beberapa hari kemudian.

Namun semua itu, tidak mematahkan semangat presidennya, datuk Ibrahim Ali daripada meneruskan agenda perjuangan Melayu dengan kehadiran tidak kurang 4,000 ahli dan tetamu hari ini.

Sebagai ganti, bekas Perdana Menteri diundang khas merasmikan AGM Perkasa dan kemudiannya dianugerahkan 'Bintang Perkasa Pribumi Negara' yang pertama.
Selepas majlis perasmian, Perkasa kemudiannya membuat 13 laporan polis terhadap ketua pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung isu “16 September” yangdidakwa menggunakan nama Yang di-Pertuan Agong bagi mendapatkan sokongan politik.

Kira-kira 50 anggota pertubuhan itu sebelumnya berarak daripada PWTC di ibu negara ke ibu pejabat polis daerah (IPD) Sentul. Menurut ketua Wiranya Arman Azhar, 13 laporan itu dibuat terhadap ketua umum PKR itu secara berasingan oleh wakil Perkasa daripada 13 negeri di seluruh negara.

Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas membuat laporan tersebut tengah hari tadi, Arman berkata, mereka membuat laporan tersebut bagi “mempertahankan institusi raja-raja Melayu.”

Beliau juga mempersoalkan kenapakah polis tidak mengambil tindakan terhadap bekas timbalan perdana menteri itu sedangkan telah banyak laporan dibuat terhadapnya.

“Apa beza antara Anwar dan rakyat Malaysia yang lain?” soalnya yang berpakaian Melayu lengkap dengan bersamping dan bersongkok.

Bekas ahli parlimen PKR Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim sebelum ini dilaporkan berkata Anwar menggunakan nama Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan pasukan tentera dalam usaha membentuk kerajaaan Pakatan Rakyat.

Arman berkata, dalam laporan yang sama juga, Perkasa juga membuat laporan terhadap penyebaran VCD ulama terkenal Dr Yusof Qardawi yang mengulas isu tuduhan liwat terhadap Anwar.

Laporan itu turut meminta polis menyiasat penyebaran surat yang ditandatangai oleh setiausaha agung PKR Saifuddin Nasution Ismail yang menyifatkan tuduhan terhadap Anwar adalah fitnah.

Menurut Arman, tindakan tersebut mengganggu proses mahkamah yang masih berlangsung.

PERKASA: Jangan tunduk desakan, ugutan parti Cina

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA) meluluskan usul supaya kerajaan tidak tunduk kepada desakan dan “ugutan” parti politik dan NGO Cina dengan mengorbankan hak-hak bumiputera demi meraih undi dalam pilihan raya.

Dalam usul politik yang diluluskan petang ini, PERKASA berpendapat, orang Cina merasakan menjadi penentu kemenangan kepada parti pemerintah dan pembangkang dalam pilihan raya umum yang akan datang.

“Menyedari akan hal ini, maka NGO Cina seperti Ziong Dong dan Dewan Perniagaan Cina telah menggunakan sepenuhnya kesempatan dengan mendesak kerajaan dengan pelbagai desakan yang menguntungkan kaum Cina.

“Jika sekiranya tuntutan mereka tidak diterima maka meraka akan mengugut mengundi Pakatan Rakyat yang mana sanggup menyerahkan apa saja yang kaum Cina mahu,” usul tersebut dipetik.

Usul tersebut menyatakan, hasil desakan tersebut, kerajaan antaranya menaikkan nisbah kuota biasiswa kepada golongan itu dan memberikan peruntukan sebanyak RM1.8 bilion kepada sekolah Cina.

Sementara MCA pula antaranya didakwa meminta kerajaan menambah bilangan bukan bumiputera sebagai penjawat awam dan dengan "biadap" campurtangan dengan meminta kerajaan menilai semla hukuman fizikal terhadap wanita Islam.

Sehubungan itu, usul tersebut meminta parti politik Melayu khususnya PAS dan Umno duduk semeja dan berbincang dan mengadakan kerjasama strategik demi menjaga hak Melayu dan bumiputera berdasarkan perlembagaan.

Mesyuarat agung NGO itu juga turut meluluskan tiga lagi usul berkaitan politik, pendidikan, agama dan keselamatan seperti berikut:

- Memohon kerajaan mengekalkan ISA.
- Mendesak kerajaan mengunakan ISA terhadap mereka yang mempersendakan Islam, termasuk mencemar kesucian kalimah Allah
- Menggesa kerajaan meminda semula nisbah kuota bumiputera dan bukan bumiputera kepada 90:10 atau berdasarkan kompositi kaum, iaitu 67:37.